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_ muse-modeでpdf作成 [Mac][Emacs]

Carbon Emacsでmuse-modeからpdfを作成するための方法です。

1. CarbonEmacsを使います。まだの人はインストール。
2. CarbonEmacsには最初からmuse-modeが入ってるので、特にインストールは不要。別のemacsenの人はインストール。
3. 小川さんのページ から をダウンロード、インストール
4. .emacsに下記を設定

(require 'muse-mode)
(require 'muse-latex)
(setq muse-latex-header
  "%% -*- mode: japanese-Latex; coding: shift_jis -*-




\\title{<lisp>(muse-publishing-directive \"title\")</lisp>}
\\author{<lisp>(muse-publishing-directive \"author\")</lisp>}
\\date{<lisp>(muse-publishing-directive \"date\")</lisp>}


<lisp>(and muse-publish-generate-contents
           (not muse-latex-permit-contents-tag)

(defun muse-latex-pdf-generate2 (file output-path final-target)
   file output-path final-target "PDF"
    (lambda (file output-path)
      (let ((command (format "cd \"%s\"; platex \"%s\";"
                             (file-name-directory output-path) file))
            (times 0)
        ;; XEmacs can sometimes return a non-number result. We'll err
        ;; on the side of caution by continuing to attempt to generate
        ;; the PDF if this happens and treat the final result as
        ;; successful.
        (while (and (< times 2)
                    (or (not (numberp result))
                        (not (eq result 0))
                        ;; table of contents takes 2 passes
                          "\\.tex\\'" ".toc" file t t))))
          (setq result (shell-command command)
                times (1+ times)))
        (if (or (not (numberp result))
                (eq result 0))
      (let ((dvi (muse-replace-regexp-in-string
                  ".tex" "" file t t)))
        (shell-command (format "cd \"%s\"; dvipdfmx \"%s\";"
                               (file-name-directory output-path) dvi)))
   ".aux" ".toc" ".out" ".log" ".dvi"))

  (muse-derive-style "pdf" "latex"
                     :final 'muse-latex-pdf-generate2
                     :browser 'muse-latex-pdf-browse-file
                     :link-suffix 'muse-latex-pdf-extension
                     :osuffix 'muse-latex-pdf-extension)

5. 完了。

これで、例えば tmp.muse

** おいおいこれでうまくいくかい?
*** いくっぽい
**** できてるっぽい

 - これで
 - うまく
 - いくかい?

** できてるぜ!


C-c C-t pdf[RET]




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